Cleaning Agents and Environmental Accountability:

Even before the green movement started, we sought products and services that were clean and safe for the environment and our clients. By using environmentally-friendly cleaning agents from Procyon, electric-powered extraction machines and local technicians, we can feel confident that we are doing our best to protect our planet. 

Here are a list of GREEN SEAL APPROVED cleaning agents we use:

Procyon Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner:
Completely soap free, odor free and non-toxic. Will not leave behind a soapy, sticky residue, greatly reducing rapid re-soiling, so carpets stay cleaner, longer. Breaks down old soap residues left behind from previous cleaners. 

Procyon Spot and Stain Remover
Formulated with a soft water conditioner that leaves carpet & upholstery softer and brighter, without breaking down natural fibers. Removes grease, oil and dirt.

Procyon Tile, Grout and Stone Cleaner
A safe and POWERFUL cleaner! Penetrates the millions of pores in tile and releases the dirt and residues left behind from previous cleaning attempts. Grout will be restored to its original color and because there is no soapy, sticky residues left behind.