About CMS
Carpet Maintenance Solutions is a local, privately-owned company based in Burlingame, CA. We specialize in serving property management companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 

CMS was formed in January 2011 by owner Dustin Finney. Dustin has nine years experience as regional manager for a nationwide hotel cleaning and maintenance company. 

CMS draws experience from the high-demand hotel industry and combines it with technicians who have over 10 years experience in the property management industry. The combination of the two offers our clients a fresh, alternative approach to the industry standard. 

We use organic cleaning agents, electric machines, fuel-efficient trucks and local technicians to ensure we're doing our part for the environment .  We also offer same-day service, and lightining-fast response times for apartment turns.

Thank you for your interest in CMS. We're confident that you'll enjoy doing business with us!